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About Me

Hello, my name is Aida Hartshorn. I love the outdoors for it is here where I find peace and time to reflect on life. I enjoy fishing, clam digging, going for walks with my husband and dog, Charlie.  I received my Bachelors in Human Development majoring in Early Childhood Education from Washington State University, a Master in Post-Secondary Adult Education and a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy through Capella University. For more than twenty years, I have had the privilege to work with military families in an early childhood setting. 

Life can be very challenging and overwhelming at times. I know and I get it. For some, we tend to try to solve our problems on our own and reaching out for help is out of the question; sometimes it works. If you haven't been able to solve it on your own, I would love to meet you, and together we can create ways towards hope and begin the healing process.

My passion is to work with couples, adolescents, children and their families by providing crisis management and work with you in regards towards your desired outcome using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. 

I believe that therapy can assist you by helping to identify what has worked in the past, what you already have within that you can draw upon in helping to obtain what you are hoping for in life. Through our conversations and my inquisitive questioning, you will gain self-awareness that enables you to come up with strategies that work best for your circumstances and situations.

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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

I have lived in Washington State for more than twenty years, a military dependent spouse, have experience dealing with military families for twenty years in an early childhood setting. I have completed SFBT Diamond Level 1 Certification Training, SFBT with Children and Families, SFBT with Trauma Online Training Program and SFBT Diamond Edition Course.

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